3 Critical Elements of Engaging Content

3 Critical Elements of Engaging Content

Creating Engaging ContentWhat makes engaging content so engaging? We’ve all heard or read that any type of content you publish, for it to be really effective, it must resonate or connect with people! The role of content online has grown exponentially over the years and people use it to get more traffic to their sites! Effective social media use also calls for posts and publications that capture the attention of others and if what you post does NOT connect with people, you are likely to be pretty much ignored! So exactly what elements does your posts and publications need to help you better connect with people in an effort to just be noticed or get more traffic?

Here are 3 critical elements, any of which can be used exclusively, to make what you publish or post more engaging for those who view it!


Most people, regardless of their personality types or socioeconomic status, creed or color enjoy being entertained! It’s a great way for them to ‘escape’ the intensities and/or realities that surround them such as a thing called life! Whether you use humor, sarcasm or even a bit of intrigue to help you connect with people, anything you can do to entertain viewers is a great way to initiate a relationship with someone! Viewers tend to remember you first as a person and less as an instructor or business promoter! This creates a ‘organic’ foundation built more upon your personality and is a great approach for any social media use you have planned because people like to know you’re real and it helps if you’re likable!


Educational content is absolutely great to publish because more information about their personal interests is what people want and search for online! As a business entrepreneur publishing information about what you do is a very effective way to get more traffic to your site as well as building both credibility and authority! This approach goes a long way towards increasing your marketing effectiveness when you do promote any product or service! For people who already have an interest in what you publish or those looking to become more familiar with what you do, this type content is the best!

Emotional Triggers

Stories or messages you send targeting the wants, needs or even fears of those who view your content is one of the best ways to draw them ‘deeper’ into what they are viewing! Touching upon an emotional trigger that viewers can relate to tends to establish a connection that captures their attention like nothing else! Copy writers use this strategy all the time to connect with people very effectively and although this approach may take some practice, when you do acquire the skill, it can help make or break any business you may be promoting! Emotional responses are typically spontaneous which is why this particular strategy is so damn effective for converting viewers into buyers!

Posting or publishing engaging content on the internet is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic for your business or purpose! The question we have is what does it take to create content that will connect with people so that they stay riveted to what they’re viewing and maybe even share it with others? The 3 elements reviewed above today all focus on the needs, wants and interests of those who view what you post, be it on your blog or for your social media use, and how best to create something people have a genuine interest in viewing! Your role is to entertain, inform or empathize with your viewers and if what you create and publish addresses any of these issues, you’ll get MUCH better results from your efforts!

Using Feedly for Blogging and Business

Using Feedly for Blogging and Business

Many people started using Feedly, the popular rss feed reader, when Google decided to retire their own reader a few years back! This very capable tool has proven to be a great substitute for the longtime and widely used Google reader while also helping to further chip away at our dependency on free Google tools and products! Capturing feeds from all over the internet of sites that offer subject matter of interest to us and channeling them through an RSS feed reader has long been considered a great way to find creative writing ideas as well as staying informed and Feedly has proven to be more than up to the task!

To learn more about how to get the most out of this terrific and absolutely free rss feed reader to benefit both your blog and business, let’s see what Feedly can do for you!

Get your feeds under control with Feedly

If you’ve been doing the A to Z Challenge for any length of time (like, say, at least a year), you’ve probably discovered a lot of new blogs that you’d like to subscribe to and follow forever. To do that, you need a feed reader (you …

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For bloggers, connecting their sites to Feedly offers some pretty significant benefits but how do you go about making connecting this RSS reader to your blog? To learn how simply continue reading below…

How Can I Connect My Blog to Feedly

Feedly also helps people keep track of the content that they’ve already read so they don’t get frustrated with duplicated content. Using the full articles mode, users will see that the blog reader will automatically mark posts from your blog as read …

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Do you use Firefox, one of the most popular browsers used by internet marketers? Well if you answered yes than the following short video showing how to configure Feedly with Firefox to send you automated notices every time new content is published to your feed is for you…


Using Feedly as your RSS feed reader is a wise choice since it’s clearly one of the best readers available online but knowing all it’s capable of doing will only make it more potent in terms of how it benefits your business and/or blog! As explained above capturing and channeling content from other sites into such a tool is a very effective and time efficient way to generate creative writing ideas you can use for posting as well as marketing purposes as well as simply staying informed! The discussions above focus on how you can use and integrate the Feedly reader with blogs and certain browsers to maximize its usefulness for both your blogging and business building efforts!

Using Swipe Files Makes So Much Cents!

Using Swipe Files Makes So Much Cents!

In this content driven age of the internet, using swipe files is probably one of the most efficient ways to put together effective sales copy for your target audience without having to hire a ghost writer! In fact these files are not limited to sales copy alone since this strategy can also be used for headlines, ads and squeeze pages just to mention a few applications! What we’re going to do here today is explain why this strategy works so well and the best ways to put it into practice for your needs online making your efforts all the more effective even if your writing skills still leaves something to be desired!

Let’s first start with how even the best copy writers use this tactic and why they recommend you do as well!

The #1 Secret to Writing Great Copy Is . . .

Why Professional Copywriters Use Swipe Files. A copy writing “swipe file” is a collection of winning ads. Sales letters, space ads, headline collections, plus bits and pieces of copy that have been marketplace proven to make …

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Writing great content or copy is especially hard to do when you’re doing it frequently but as the old adage goes, success leaves tracks! When working online you have countless content sources from which you can get some terrific ideas for ads, headlines or other types of sales copy! You also have the ability to copy and save these ideas for your future use but how do you do so and what do you save? For more on this simply continue reading…

what’s a swipe file | how to use a swipe file

Using the Internet to attract clients was supposed to make our lives easier wasn’t it? Instead, it’s made us nutty as we work hard to continuously create content. You’ve got blog posts, LinkedIn posts, Twitter and Facebook and Google+ updates …

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Now that you have a good understanding of the value, needs and time savings having a swipe file can give you, let’s now see how easy and convenient it is to collect and organize these files online using a popular and free software!


Using swipe files makes perfect sense when working online simply because there is so much proven and effective sales copy ‘floating’ about it would be a shame to NOT ‘re-purpose’ it for your own use! Even though your writing skills may still need a bit of work, using files of copy you’ve ‘swiped’ from someone else can and will help you get much better results when in need of sales copy, headlines or simply trying to get noticed on social media sites! The point is you have the tools and access to leverage the ‘skills’ of others which will help you save time while sparing you the headaches sometimes associated with creating content or copy that really works! Remember, success leaves tracks so take off the blinders and follow them!

The REAL Partnership Between Online Search Engines & Marketers

The REAL Partnership Between Online Search Engines & Marketers

Are you using online search engines to get more visitors to your site or are they using you to fulfill their need for content? As marketers we must embrace the use of all types of content being this is what both people and the internet craves! Having said that, have we as marketers entered into a partnership, of sorts, with search engines to continuously fill their need for content while they in turn ‘reward’ us with traffic? Could it be that internet marketers, as clever as they are, may have fallen unwittingly into a role of ‘servitude’ and are NOT working just for themselves but search engines as well?

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘hoops’ you must jump through in terms of content preparation and use just to get more visitors to your site!


The thought provoking perspective offered above by Jonathan Mann about how online search engines are actually using marketers to help fill their insatiable need for content makes a lot of sense! While internet marketers are a rather independent bunch who prides themselves on doing it ‘their’ way, the perspective offered above tends to debunk that notion and actually views them as ‘worker bees’ who obediently supply content for search engines! In the end, if you give the search engines what they want, properly optimized quality content, they will in turn send plenty of visitors to your site, which is what appears to be the ‘terms’ of this partnership between marketers and the internet!

Why Curating Content Makes Perfect Sense

Why Curating Content Makes Perfect Sense

Why Curating Content Makes Perfect SenseCurating content is simply the act of gathering information that has already been published and putting it together in a way that makes sense to your readers! Of course when gathering any content using this strategy you’ll want to use only a trusted source so as NOT to misinform or mislead those who see it! What good would your efforts be otherwise when gathering information in this way if it is NOT accurate? Now the question remains for some as to how this strategy can be of benefit to you, the curator, or your readers, so let’s discuss 5 ways this strategy is indeed beneficial to all!

Different Voice

When your readers are offered content created and published by someone else they can expect to experience a new voice which should be refreshing to them! Even though people enjoy what you create on your own, offering them new perspectives, attitudes and even experiences is like a breath of fresh air! Remember, in most cases ‘variety is the spice of life’ and people will appreciate your efforts in introducing them to another trusted source of content that may prove thought provoking to them!

Authoritative Source

Not always can you claim to be an authority even if the topic is relevant to your area of interest! For this reason it’s wise to gather information from a trusted source on relevant topics and/or issues and present this to your readers to keep them up to date! Don’t worry, people won’t view you as any less authoritative by using content developed by another provided what you offer is accurate and relevant!

Sharing is Caring

You show your readers that keeping them informed is your priority even if it means using information published by others! The fact is folks will appreciate your efforts in finding and bringing this new information to their attention! As a result folks will continue seeing you as a trusted source even if you aren’t the original creator of the content they are viewing being you did pull it together and made it available to them!

Greater Efficiency

Although researching and gathering information as opposed to actually creating it yourself does take time, the process is less time consuming! For anybody working online, creating and publishing useful content for your readers is a large part, or at least should be, of your marketing strategy! It therefore makes sense to budget your time in any way you can to improve both your efficiency as well as productivity!


Let’s never forget that in order for your business to grow you must do so as well, which means your education should be ongoing! A large part of your learning will be found in the research you do and the facts you uncover! Although you may not be able to take credit for creating any content you curate, you sure as heck can benefit from what you’ve learned and passed along to your readers!

Curating content is something every marketer should and/or must embrace in this day and age of content marketing online! The reasons are actually quite simple in terms of how gathering information as opposed to creating it can save you as the curator, time and effort! Additionally there are other benefits to both you and your readers, as discussed above, that makes using this process such a very sensible decision! In the end, provided the information you gather is from a trusted source, there really appears to be little ‘downside’ if any to using this process to keep your readers attention and maintain their satisfaction!