5 Ways to Use What You Learn When Researching Content Ideas

5 Ways to Use What You Learn When Researching Content Ideas

How do you use what you learn after doing a lot of research for ideas to create new and exciting content? What we’re NOT talking about is simply putting this information to use for writing your next great piece of content you can publish! What we ARE referring to is how to use the new found knowledge your research uncovered so that it will benefit you in ways other than for content you can publish! Let’s face it as a content marketer you WILL be doing a lot of research so let’s discuss 5 different ways you can use what you’ve found to your advantage other than publishing it to the web!


The MOST obvious thing you can do with any new found knowledge you may come across is to put it into action by applying it! The biggest problem doing research on the internet is you WILL find plenty of information about your topic but it may be much more than you expected creating a feeling of overwhelm! When this occurs many people simply take NO action and just move on without using much of what they found! Avoid this feeling by saving what you don’t use for writing content so you can apply it in other ways that will benefit you!

Problem Solving

When you’re doing a lot of research you’re accumulating and reviewing quite a bit of information! Although not every piece of new found knowledge will be something you can use for the type content you’re developing it is knowledge nonetheless! Often times this information can help you solve existing problems even though these problems may NOT have been the focus of your recent research! It simply a matter of keeping your mind open to how you can use what you’ve found in ways other than creating something interesting to read! You took the time to do the research so don’t overlook the results of your efforts since it could be very useful elsewhere!


Thru use and/or inspection, the info you found may prove to have a few flaws, can you fix them? Taking the time and energy to improve any new found knowledge you come across now gives you something you can use for writing content you can share that’s been updated and is more accurate! By doing this both you and your readers benefit since you’ve learned something new and they have been kept in the ‘loop’ with your findings!

Boost Credibility

As discussed above, if you can improve and then pass along your ‘findings’ for the benefit of others, terrific, you are a generous person! The recipients of your ‘corrected’ findings now hold you in higher regard due to your efforts of correcting any flaws your research has uncovered! Anybody can publish content but it is a rare few who will take the initiative to ‘vet’ out their research and resources and follow this up with making the necessary corrections before publishing it! Your knowledge is to be admired but no more than the selflessness it took to correct and share your findings!


Of course the info you’ve acquired could be total crap but accepted as the truth, and in that case, you can expose it! By showing proof how this information is inaccurate and thereby worthless, this gives you positive exposure, increases your credibility and builds a wall of trust for your selfless efforts and honesty! Gaining trust like his is HUGE on the internet and helps you stand out, grow a larger following and also boosts your marketing effectiveness, because people TRUST you!

It simply makes sense to use what you learn when doing a lot of research because why else accumulate all that new found knowledge! Sure you’re looking for information or inspiration upon which you can base any content you want to publish, but to NOT utilize any your ‘unused’ research in some way is just a shame! Think of it as ‘repurposing’ your own research to help make your life better in addition to creating something interesting for others to read or view! Remember, waste not want not!

Why Create Content When You Can Borrow It?

Why Create Content When You Can Borrow It?

For anybody who works online, why create content that is uniquely your own when you can ‘leverage’ other people’s effort and get the same results? This is NOT to suggest you use ghost writers (although that IS another great suggestion!) but rather ‘borrow’ relevant content from others you can reformat and publish as your own work! Let’s face it, content is King and is also the primary way used to build relationships, build a following, promote products and to simply get noticed online! What this means is you will be constantly in need of developing new ideas and writing a lot but with so much to do, where will you find the time and energy? Well, I have 5 suggestions that can help alleviate the demanding workload of creating unique and useful content all the time!

Here are 5 suggested strategies you can start using today that will allow you to legitimately leverage other people’s effort to help you same time and publish more frequently!

Content Aggregation

Any time you collect links from content created by other people’s effort and provide nothing more than their titles in one place, you’re aggregating content! Now on the surface, you may seem to be ‘stealing’ from other authors but those who view your site know you are NOT the original author, especially since you are NOT claiming to be! Many news sites use this strategy and rely heavily on others to find the news and write about it, you’re simply affording them a place to showcase their findings! Even though you are NOT the creator, people still seek out your site since it is a hub for the type of news they want to see! Remember, you can use other types of content other than news when leveraging this strategy and people will still rely on you since your site becomes THE place to find this type information!

Content Syndication

Syndicating content is similar to aggregating it with the exception that you are actually using a third party to publish it through! Additionally, not all the content syndicated is used but only those parts and pieces that are relevant to your cause! What is actually occurring is you’re promoting and/or pushing your content out onto other sites for a broader exposure leveraging the traffic generation efforts of these site owners! Actually, you are sharing your content with an audience that belongs to another person or website in hopes that they will have enough interest in what you offer to visit your site! Although you may be developing new ideas yourself, remember, using this strategy keeps you from investing the time, energy and even money generating more traffic to gain additional any viewers!

Content Curation

Curating content involves locating already published information that you can use and capture links to the sources! All you need to do is add a description of the content you’re curating along with your OWN commentary to lend your voice and even opinions to the information you’ve found! This is perfectly legal and ethical provided you clearly credit the sources since to do otherwise would be deceitful and make you a plagiarist! This is another terrific way to ‘cull’ through already existing and very valuable information, relevant to your cause, and sharing it with people who have an interest in such content! Why try to build a new mousetrap when there are so many already available to use? This strategy also keeps you from writing a lot, with the exceptions of creating a short description and adding your personal commentaries! Unlike syndicating or aggregating content, this approach requires a bit more ‘hands on’ effort on your part because you’re putting it together much like pieces to a puzzle! The only thing you’re NOT doing is composing the original content itself and this saves lots of time for you!


Podcasts are a way of sharing content through audio channels! This is a great way to leverage the experience and knowledge of other people by interviewing them and sharing it with listeners! You can also use syndicated or aggregated content if you choose but what makes this different is there is typically NO use of visuals or text when presenting anything to the audience! They simply tune in and listen making it a convenient and hands-free way for people to enjoy any content! What’s especially cool is all you really need is a microphone and some captivating ideas to create a podcast, that’s it!


This strategy, like the ones discussed above, can remove quite a bit of the responsibility of creating your own original content! Once again we’re not promoting the idea to ‘steal’ something that was created by others but rather to reformat and present it in a way that’s useful and ethical! You can interview people about their accomplishments or these same people can be used to share their tips on how to achieve what they already have! Reporting industry news or sharing information created by others is perfectly suitable for video as well! The long and short of using video is it is simply another ‘medium’ for delivering information that does NOT require for you to be writing a lot! Cool!

As labor intensive as it is, why create content on your own when you can borrow other people’s effort to create something you can publish! Being that content is the currency by which we build followings, promote goods and services and build relationships online, you can bet you WILL be writing a lot! Developing new ideas and then finding the words to share these ideas can be VERY time-consuming so it only makes sense to explore more effective strategies to do so and save time as well! The 5 suggestions reviewed above all use already published content that you can reformat and repurpose for your particular needs! The best part is, by properly crediting the original sources you can legitimately and ethically use these strategies to help you save time, cut down your workload and still publish as often as you choose! Remember, however, the best content found is always original and unique so be sure to continue developing new ideas of your own that you can share as well!

5 Challenges of Content Marketing You Must Overcome

5 Challenges of Content Marketing You Must Overcome

For many the challenges of content marketing stem from trying to frequently publish something new, exciting or worthy of going viral! The problem is the use of content is SO intense these days on the internet that it is difficult to stand out! This results in many marketers focusing more time on trying to find topics of interest that are trending and /or relevant to their needs, or both! If you’re online promoting a business or cause, spending too much time on content creation will only hold you back! It therefore stands to reason to identify these challenges so you can avoid or address them before they sabotage your efforts or undermine your intentions!

Here are 5 common obstacles facing content marketers that you NEED to know so you can plan accordingly to work around or through them!

Lacking Ideas

Ever hear of writers’ block? Well if you rely upon the use of content to gain exposure online or to promote a product or cause you have no doubt experienced the feeling of frustration writers’ block can give you! The key to any great piece of content is to base it upon topics of interest your audience may have however finding these topics or what to write about them can sometimes be daunting! This is a very common barrier facing many marketers on the internet today! The key to overcoming this barrier is to have many available options from which you can find or generate ideas upon which you can base your next piece of stellar content!

Too Much Working ‘In’ the Business

Creating content takes time and research and trying to constantly publish something new is a ‘cycle’ that marketers must try to avoid! Why? Because there are other areas of your business you can NOT afford to ignore! Since the use of content is such a BIG part of your marketing efforts it’s easy to understand how people can inadvertently be caught up in this process! It is important to realize how your ‘obsession’ with trying to create and publish something new on a frequent basis can hold you back from other aspects of your business! Suggested solutions to this dilemma would be to either outsource your creation efforts or stick to a strict schedule that allows for time to address other areas of your business!

Quantity Over Quality

As mentioned above many marketers feel overly compelled to publish as often as possible but this can easily lead to problems! As the saying goes ‘haste makes waste’ and when trying to ‘rush’ the process of creation it is typical that the first thing that suffers is the quality of your efforts! In this case your ‘haste’ can easily hold you back from getting better results from the content you create and distribute! To avoid this simply focus on quality and forget about publishing frequently! Why? Because quality is what gets you noticed while publishing frequently could be a waste of your time considering the ‘lack’ of results you may get from a lesser quality effort!

Striving for Perfection

Now understand there is a big difference between quality and perfection! Forget about it if you’re looking to be perfect all the time when creating content because this is an unrealistic expectation! Always being original, never having grammar issues or simply trying to create something that will go viral will find you wasting a lot of time because achieving perfection is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! It likely will NOT happen and besides, your viewers don’t expect perfection, they just want you to be you, which is why they view and viewed what you have published previously! Give them more of the same quality they’re used to and don’t allow ‘perfection’ to hold you back from publishing more often! Having a ‘hang up’ like trying to be perfect will only slow you down which is something you don’t want on the fast paced internet!


Back ‘in the day’ it was all about properly optimizing your content, be it the title, text, alt tags or images but times have changed! These ‘technical’ tactics were time-consuming and actually succeeded in helping to lower the ‘quality’ of the content by focusing more on optimization strategies and less on creating information of value! Search engines have now started to focus on the quality and relevance of what is being published and use this as a way to ‘award’ marketers with higher rankings! Remember to simply write for the people and NOT the search engines! People will enjoy your work all the more and search engines will notice this by the number of views your efforts get and rank you higher as a result!

The challenges of content marketing typically stem from trying to publish something that stands out or goes viral on a frequent basis! This ends up resulting in marketers spending possibly TOO much time trying to find the exact ‘right’ topics of interest or simply trying to ‘perfect’ and/or optimize what they are creating! Although the use of content is important and plays a vital role in marketing online you can NOT allow that to hold you back from addressing other aspects of your business or cause! By identifying the challenges such as those reviewed above, gives you the opportunity to either avoid them or develop a strategy that enables you to work around or through them!

Improve Your Writing with These Simple Tips

Improve Your Writing with These Simple Tips

As an online marketer it is critical that you take every opportunity you can to improve your writing! Whether you’re composing ads, email messages, social media posts or simply creating content to place on your site, your efforts will yield much better results as you become a better writer! Sometimes we have problems with our grammar, other times our editing leaves something to be desired and quite often we just can’t seem to put our thoughts into words or even come up with a topic to write about! Since writing is not necessarily a talent but more an acquired skill, the good news is there are steps you can take to help make yourself a better writer and therefore a better communicator!

Let’s now look at what you can do to be a better communicator and this starts with clearing your mind so you can focus better on creating content you can proudly publish online!

5 Ways to De-clutter Your Mind and Regain Your Focus

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Now that you’ve got your focus back it’s time to begin composing your next piece of literary greatness! The process of writing, especially if you intend to increase your credibility with readers, is actually a simple one! The following article reviews in detail a 4 step ‘checklist’ to help you create something people will enjoy as well as learn from so that you become regarded as an authority in the field you’ve chosen to write about…

How to write thought leadership articles • Articulate

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As we’ve come to undstand by the article above, locating the right sources as well as your own ‘writing voice’ is a key starting point when it comes to composing anything of interest and credibility! Now let’s join in on the following dicussion in the short video below from Adam Erhart about 5 key things you do NOT want to overlook concerning how your content ‘presents’ itself to readers!

Once you’ve learned how to improve your writing, you will also learn that creating content is not as difficult as it may have formally seemed! In fact not only will your efforts be easier but the results you experience will be much better as well! The simple suggestions and tips you’ve been offered here today are intended for you to use to become a better writer which in turn will also increase your marketing effectiveness! By simply being more focused and following the advice given above, you will find creating content will be much easier while the results you get will likely far exceed what you have been recently experiencing!

Developing a Content Strategy That Engages Viewers

Developing a Content Strategy That Engages Viewers

Developing a content strategy is a core necessity for anyone wanting to attract and engage people online for an expressed purpose, be it personal or professional! The point behind marketing with content is it is intended to deliver valuable, relevant and timely information to people they can use to better themselves and/or their situation! When you are able to engage people in this way they tend to look for more of the same from you in terms of additional and similar content which makes building relationships with these folks much easier! What you’re doing is establishing trust since you are helping people freely and the more you are able to supply useful information to these people, the more credibility you have with them as well! Here’s the problem however, many use this strategy far too often for establishing a ‘forum’ if you will, in which to deliver product offers, and this turns viewers off and drives them away rendering this tactic nearly useless! Marketing with content takes time and effort therefore the last thing you want to do is sabotage your efforts by using this strategy as another way to make sales pitches!

If you’re currently marketing with content and not seeing the results you expect in terms of traffic and loyalty, than the following brief video may be EXACTLY what you need to improve your results!


Establishing a content strategy that attracts and engages others is not difficult to do as long as you resist the temptation to continually annoy people with constant sales pitches! Remember, marketing with content is all about building relationships with people to earn their trust and build your credibility and not to be used to pressure viewers into making a purchase with you! Finding information that is truly relevant, useful and timely is something folks really appreciate and value which is why they will continue to look for more of the same from you! On the other hand, using this strategy as another chance to swamp others with more promotional gibberish will only prove to be a waste of your time and since time is money, this is something you don’t want to do! When marketing with content always try to deliver consistent value to your viewers and when you do so, you’ll find these same folks will be MUCH more receptive to your future sales pitches and product offers!