How Marketing with Content Differs from Blogging

How Marketing with Content Differs from Blogging

Marketing with content is a familiar and effective strategy used by many organizations to offer useful information about their products and services! This strategy is great for new business development as well as building relationships with existing customers as well! How this strategy differs from publishing blog posts is to be the topic of our discussion here today! Although blogging and content marketing both rely upon publishing information to achieve their goals, it is the way in which they do so that makes them different!

Here are 3 fundamental differences between how ‘traditional’ bloggers and content marketers develop and use the information they publish!


Clearly the intent of content marketing is to establish a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience! In the vast majority of cases using content in this way is for the intention of new business development! Blogging on the other hand is more ‘whimsical’ in nature and although bloggers can use their site for marketing as well, their approach is NOT as structured! Topic selection for bloggers typically focuses on whatever is currently popular and loosely relevant to the theme of their platform! Distributing content to market a business, product or service however demands using subject matter more closely related to what it is you’re promoting!

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Blogging uses a specified location or platform on which it displays thoughts, ideas, observations and opinions relevant to the central theme of the blog itself! Content marketers find ‘several’ avenues to ‘park’ their content, much like using a net for fishing, and they offer useful information that is much more target specific in terms of their audience! Instances of marketers distributing their content merely for new business development can be found all over online such as social media sites, ads on YouTube (ugh) or even in forums! Blog posts, well they can be found on blogs, imagine that!


Content marketing is more a LONG term strategy targeting people at different stages of the buying process with useful information that focuses on helping them with their buying decisions! This strategy involves varying types of content presented in a systematic way to help people make more informed and comfortable decisions! When publishing blog posts however there tends to be a dramatic shift in terms of the topic presented which could be something as benign as simply offering an opinion or rant! Bloggers are more focused on reader loyalty and developing a following while content marketers are focused on new business development, plain and simple!

Businesses find marketing with content a very effective strategy that helps identify and attract people with an interest in their products or services! The idea behind this strategy is to offer useful information about products and/or services being promoted so that people can make more informed purchasing decisions! Above we discussed how content marketing actually differs from ‘traditional’ blogging! Publishing blog posts is NOT about sharing information for the sake of new business development! The long and short is although both blogging and content marketing focus on creating and sharing information, as discussed above, in the end, their intentions and distribution strategies are fundamentally different! The one thing that still remains true however is content continues to be the dominant ‘currency’ used by both individuals and large corporations to be noticed online!

How to Get Paid to Blog in 2017

How to Get Paid to Blog in 2017

If you’re looking to get paid to blog in 2017 there are many strategies from which to choose as well as ways to determine what strategy works best for you! Perhaps some of your tactics such as banner ads or affiliate links are no longer as effective as they once were or maybe you’re just considering how to monetize your blog for the first time! Well it’s time to set aside the tips, tricks, tactics and tools you’ve been using and time to seriously consider using people of influence and social media to help you earn an income from blogging!

In order to monetize your blog successfully you’ll first need to understand how to set the tone or establish the right ‘supportive’ environment on your platform to help reinforce what it is you have to offer! Let’s get to it…

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Understanding better about how to create the right environment to support your efforts to earn an income, as discusssed above, is simply the start! Let’s now take a deeper look at one of the most effective strategies marketers are using and customers are responding nowadays to help you make money from your blog!

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As Jeff discussed in the article above traditional marketing tactics no longer work as effectively as they once have! Consumers today are a savvy bunch always looking for more information upon which they can base their buying decisions! Although informative content helps to educate consumers more about potential purchases they may make, using people they know and trust to endorse these products and services is the best way to get consumers to make a purchase! The video below further explains why using people of influence works so well as a marketing strategy as well as why you need to tap into this highly effective strategy and how to do so…

Positioning yourself to get paid to blog, as discussed above, starts not only with posting great content but also by using tactics and strategies that actually get consumers to make a purchase! Todays consumers want not only as much information as they can gather to make a buying decision but they also need to feel comfortable with their purchases as well! Gone are the days when placing an ad or just an affiliate link would be all that’s needed to make a sale! The most effective means available to persuade consumers to spend their money is by using people of influence that consumers know and trust to endorse your offers! This requires marketers like you to become more active within social media circles so that you can find and recruit influencers to help you montetize your blog by getting these people to endorse what you sell! Yup, the internet is a highly dynamic environment that continues to evolve and in this case, it appears we’re back to ‘good old’ human interaction and NOT passive automated selling techniques to actually make money as a blogger!

How to Earn an Income Blogging as an Affiliate

How to Earn an Income Blogging as an Affiliate

Many entrepreneurs successfully earn an income online by selling products in demand off an affiliate marketing blog! As easy as this may seem, at least on the surface, there is more to being a successful blogger who sells affiliate products in demand, a lot more! Blogging itself requires a bit of time and commitment in terms of possessing the willingness to continuously create content that is up to date and relevant to what you blog about! When you are running a affiliate marketing blog there is the task of finding the right ‘programs’ as well as making the right product selections and we haven’t even mentioned sales strategies yet, oh boy! Below you will find a ‘team’ of some very accomplished affiliates from around the web who are here to offer their insight and suggestions as to what it takes to make money promoting affiliate products off a blog!

To start things off below we have a very successful Australian blogger who can attribute much of his success to the simple strategy he uses to promote and sell affiliate products in demand off his blog!

The Secret To Big Profits Selling Affiliate Products From Your Blog

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Thanks to Yaro above for explaining the tactics he uses on his blog to earn an income from promoting products others have created! Now let’s focus on how to find the right affiliate products to promote by taking into consideration the central theme around which you blog as well as your targeted audience! To explain this process further in the article below let’s now hear from a highly accomplished and wildly successful online affiliate in his own right, Ankit Singla!

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Finding the best products to promote for your particular purposes and how to do so is essential to the success of most all affiliates as explained by Ankit above! The video below now goes into detail about how you can create a highly effective sales funnel by capitalizing on the ever growing popularity of video itself!

Learning how to earn an income using a affiliate marketing blog entails much more than simply making product offers and cashing your commission checks! Firstly what you offer MUST be products in demand and to find them will require a bit of time and patience, do you have both? Secondly you need to establish strategies for both promoting products as well as keeping visitors on your site so that you can ultimately make more offers and even collect their contact information! The above panel of experts have all shared their tips and suggestions concerning the necessary and/or most effective strategies you can use to make your own affiliate marketing blog a great and reliable source of income! Remember, these entrepreneurs are all experienced in this field and have had success with what they are offering above, so don’t try to ‘reinvent’ the wheel but simply take action now on the suggestions meant for you above!

3 tips for Marketing Your Business on a Blog

3 tips for Marketing Your Business on a Blog

Marketing your business on the internet has become very commonplace due to the global exposure it brings and the relatively low cost associated with advertising online! One of the most popular platforms used for business online is a blog since it’s inexpensive to maintain while also being highly effective at engaging people who land on your site! There’s more to blogging for money however than simply posting updates and generating traffic! People MUST feel comfortable with and trusting of you before they are willing to part with their hard earned money and the best way to gain this trust is through building relationships with visitors to your site! For this you will need to build an email contact list to stay in touch with those interested in what you write about or offer on your platform!

Immediately below is a brief video featuring one of the most successful business bloggers in the world, Yaro Starak, discussing the 3 main elements every blogger needs to earn an income online!


Marketing your business on a blog is a very common yet effective way to earn an income online provided of course it is done correctly! Like any business found on the internet, building relationships with those who visit your site is a HUGE key to making a sale and the best way to do so is by building an email contact list! This recommendation along with 2 others, the platform itself and the product you offer, are the 3 main elements Yaro discusses in the video above that you will need when blogging for money! Of course we can’t overlook the need for time and patience as well as traffic in order to earn an income blogging but without the 3 main elements discussed here today all your other efforts will be nothing more than a waste of your time! Thanks Yaro!

Do Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Ads Make You Money?

Do Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Ads Make You Money?

Is your affiliate marketing blog under-performing in terms of how much money you earn by visitors clicking on any ads placed on it? Although in the past banner ads and adsense have typically been reliable for generating a source of income for bloggers selling affiliate products, recent history has shown their lack of customization has tended to erode their effectiveness! On an internet that has become overly saturated with ads selling just about anything you can imagine, it seems people have become increasingly desensitized to them thereby rendering this type of advertising somewhat useless! For affiliates who blog, this has become a major source of frustration…until now!

The following short video from Marcus shows you an easy peasy way to get more sales as an affiliate with a simple plugin that helps develop and place the ‘perfect’ ad for the content on your WordPress blog!


If your affiliate marketing blog is sucking wind when it comes to getting visitors to click on your ads there is a plugin you can use on your WordPress blog that will help fix this problem! Formerly standard banner ads as well as adsense always seem to perform well in terms of helping bloggers get more sales on their sites, but due to several reasons, these tactics are no longer nearly as effective! The Smart Affiliates Ad plugin discussed in the video above will help affiliates, in any niche, design and place ads highly customized to the content of their platform for a much greater click through rate and of course more sales! Quit driving yourself nuts or wasting time trying to find and/or develop ads visitors will respond to when all you need is this simple plugin to get more sales from the advertising you place on your blog!