How to Earn an Income Blogging as an Affiliate

How to Earn an Income Blogging as an Affiliate

Many entrepreneurs successfully earn an income online by selling products in demand off an affiliate marketing blog! As easy as this may seem, at least on the surface, there is more to being a successful blogger who sells affiliate products in demand, a lot more! Blogging itself requires a bit of time and commitment in terms of possessing the willingness to continuously create content that is up to date and relevant to what you blog about! When you are running a affiliate marketing blog there is the task of finding the right ‘programs’ as well as making the right product selections and we haven’t even mentioned sales strategies yet, oh boy! Below you will find a ‘team’ of some very accomplished affiliates from around the web who are here to offer their insight and suggestions as to what it takes to make money promoting affiliate products off a blog!

To start things off below we have a very successful Australian blogger who can attribute much of his success to the simple strategy he uses to promote and sell affiliate products in demand off his blog!

The Secret To Big Profits Selling Affiliate Products From Your Blog

When I posted my September blog earnings of $10,899.83 a few readers replied asking for advice with affiliate marketing. Given nearly $4,400 of that income …

Thanks to Yaro above for explaining the tactics he uses on his blog to earn an income from promoting products others have created! Now let’s focus on how to find the right affiliate products to promote by taking into consideration the central theme around which you blog as well as your targeted audience! To explain this process further in the article below let’s now hear from a highly accomplished and wildly successful online affiliate in his own right, Ankit Singla!

How to Find the Right Products to Promote As An Affiliate?

You need to know how to find the right product to promote as an affiliate marketer on … Finding the products that sell is the KEY to increase your affiliate income.

Read More…

Finding the best products to promote for your particular purposes and how to do so is essential to the success of most all affiliates as explained by Ankit above! The video below now goes into detail about how you can create a highly effective sales funnel by capitalizing on the ever growing popularity of video itself!

Learning how to earn an income using a affiliate marketing blog entails much more than simply making product offers and cashing your commission checks! Firstly what you offer MUST be products in demand and to find them will require a bit of time and patience, do you have both? Secondly you need to establish strategies for both promoting products as well as keeping visitors on your site so that you can ultimately make more offers and even collect their contact information! The above panel of experts have all shared their tips and suggestions concerning the necessary and/or most effective strategies you can use to make your own affiliate marketing blog a great and reliable source of income! Remember, these entrepreneurs are all experienced in this field and have had success with what they are offering above, so don’t try to ‘reinvent’ the wheel but simply take action now on the suggestions meant for you above!

Why You Need an Affiliate Sales Funnel

Why You Need an Affiliate Sales Funnel

Having an effective affiliate sales funnel will not only increase your conversion rates, turning site visitors into buying customers, but it will also significantly boost your work efficiency! These funnels are ‘designed’ to channel visiting traffic through a series of product offers presented in such a way as to NOT overwhelm or offend people but still giving them, in many cases, multiple opportunities to make a purchase! The best part is once you’ve set up your funnels, your work is mostly done since you’ve pretty automated the sales process.

Following immediately below you are going to hear from one of the most successful blog marketers in the world, Yaro Starek, as he discusses the need for and how to set up a highly effective sales funnel!

How To Set-Up Your Sales Funnel

You can’t build a successful sales funnel if you don’t have a market for the …. The same goes for affiliate marketers, or AdSense earners – you may make good …

Yaro did a tremendous job above explaining the basics of and the need for establishing a sales funnel when marketing online! Now the following video featuring Miles Beckler shows you how to set up a simple self liquidating funnel so that you can maximize your return when using pay per click while minimizing your own efforts in doing so…

If you’re earning an online income without the use of a affiliate sales funnel, you’re likely working way too hard and just as likely missing sales opportunities! As explained above, these funnels are ‘designed’ to help you increase your conversion rates with the people who visit your site by making subtle and strategic product offers to visitors without pissing them off! The best part is once you’ve set up your funnel, for the most part your work is done and all that’s left is for you to watch your income grow! Once you have successfully automated the sales process on your site(s) you can now direct your attention towards other areas of your business or perhaps even start a new one! These are some terrific choices to be faced with, wouldn’t you agree?

Feeling Overwhelmed By Affiliate Marketing?

Feeling Overwhelmed By Affiliate Marketing?

Are you feeling overwhelmed now that you’ve become an affiliate marketer? Even though affiliate marketing may not require you to design and create your own products, believe you me, there is still plenty to keep you busy! Traffic generation and product selection are two very important aspects affiliates need to tend to but what tends to overwhelm many is their lack of business and/or marketing experience! Overcoming this feeling of overwhelm is what we’re going to discuss here today!

So what do you do when feeling ‘stuck’ or lacking the confidence to reach your goals in any field including affiliate marketing!

How to Beat Overwhelm and Get Yourself Back on Track

How to Beat Overwhelm and Get Yourself Back on Track. by Adam … When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Establishing the right ‘can do’ mindset is something you’ll need to do to succeed as an entrepreneur! A natural ‘by-product’ that comes from feeling absolutely overwhelmed is procrastination and this is something that MUST be addressed if success is to be yours! Now we’re going to discuss actionable steps you can take so you can physically ‘Take Action to Gain Back Control’ of your situation as mentioned briefly in step 7 above…

Beat Procrastination: How to Want to Tackle Your To-Do List

If you’ve been trying to beat procrastination without success, you may need to …  I avoid things and not feel so overwhelm…

Do you have goals? Do you REALLY want to reach them? Is your focus and discipline strong enough to get you where you want to go? Overcoming your feelings of being overwhelmed or defeating your tendencies to procrastinate are great first steps to get you back on track but the following video discusses what else is needed for you to reach your goals and experience the success you’re looking for!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in any field it can be very difficult to reach your goals since both your confidence as well as your motivation tend to suffer! Many people experience this feeling after they become an affiliate due to their unfamiliarity with product selection, OMG where do you start, or traffic generation, what strategies should you use! The key here is, as discussed above, you MUST first identify this feeling so that it can be addressed, and the tips given above serve to offer you actionable ways in which you can ‘blast through’ this feeling! Always remember if results are what you’re looking for, you MUST take action or nothing will occur and this is worse than keeping your ‘hands in your pockets’ and taking NO action at all!

Affiliate Marketing Success Requires Time and Patience

Affiliate Marketing Success Requires Time and Patience

Although affiliate marketing does NOT require for you to develop your own products, it does requires time and patience. Many marketers, once they become an affiliate, tend to lack the proper patience necessary to test and refine the tactics they use to promote the products they offer! Now most people are willing to work when it comes to developing their own online business however, for your efforts to be best served diligence is also required. Research and testing are as much a part of online marketing as is the promotional aspects involved in selling any product or service!

Let’s now join a conversation discussing the important and necessary role patience plays in setting up a profitable business selling affiliate products!


Having the time and patience to methodically test and compare the results you get from different promotional tactics once you become an affiliate marketer is the best way to build your online business! Obviously you must be willing to work when building any type of long term income selling affiliate products, but you must give your efforts enough time so you can fairly compare the results to other methods you may choose to use! Haste makes waste when you find yourself jumping from one tactic or strategy to the next without giving them the time they need to generate results you can compare! Remember, you are building the ‘foundation’ of your business at this point and if you don’t take the time to do so properly, all your future efforts may be much less effective and possibly even useless!

Spreading Your Affiliate Links Efficiently

Spreading Your Affiliate Links Efficiently

Sending, sharing and promoting your affiliate links is the best way to build your business and your income but it also takes time to locate and mask the links you choose to use! Being an affiliate is all about making product offers that are relevant to your target audience and the more offers you make, the greater you can expect your income to be! Since sharing links is how you make money in affiliate marketing, it only makes sense to do what you can to be more efficient in the way you carry out this process, remember, time is money!

In the spirit of sharing as many links as you can to earn the level of income you desire as an affiliate, let’s listen in as our friends from Rules for Rebels discuss a dead simple tip to help you be more efficient sharing your links online!


Masking and sharing affiliate links can often be very time consuming, but if you don’t make product offers you won’t earn an income, period! The above video from the folks over at Rules for Rebels focuses on a single simple tip you can use, starting NOW, to be more efficient when sharing your links! The need for efficiency is obvious since the more product offers (links) you share, the greater your income potential will be as well! As an affiliate, you’ll find yourself promoting on social media, in forums and of course, even on your own website or blog so you’ll want to have any links you care to share readily available to save time while increasing your earnings! With a bit of research and organizing, you can have yourself ready to pounce on any sales opportunity that crosses your path in a timely and efficient manner! Thanks for your tip Rebels!