Build a Mailing List Faster By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Are you trying to build a mailing list but find that it’s taking a lot more time and effort than you expected? Well for starters, you are to be congratulated because list-building is considered the cornerstone to any online business marketing strategy! Even though your results are NOT what you expected, at least so far, when building your list, there may be some simple mistakes being made or assumptions you have that could very well be holding you back or slowing down your list-building efforts!

Let’s now check to see what a veteran blogger and traffic generation specialist Ana Hoffman over at the ‘Traffic Generation Cafe’ has to share concerning what she feels are some mistakes she has made on her blog that has slowed her efforts to build a list!

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19+ Eye-Popping List Building Mistakes (& Other Lessons) You Can Find At Traffic Generation CafĂ©. It’s not too often that we have the guts to give someone a much-needed honest feedback.

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As comprehensive as the points Ana made above about mistakes she’s made building her list may be, there are still other assumptions we all make that can sabotage our list-building efforts! For more on this let’s listen in on the video below to see what our friends at Shining Light Media have to say concerning things we tend to do wrong when building our email lists!


When trying to build a mailing list it is not uncommon to find that your results do NOT match up well with your efforts! List-building, which is a highly recommended online business marketing strategy tends to take time and of course patience however it is also common to find that innocent mistakes you may be making are holding you back from seeing your list grow much faster! The discussions above focus on many simple ‘strategic’ mistakes and assumptions that have a adverse effect on the speed with which the list you’re building grows! The people you’ve heard from are know experts and veterans in their fields and therefore know what they’re talking about! To ignore the advice given above will simply only assure that you can expect your future list-building efforts to continue to be a slow and agonizing process! On the other hand by simply taking heed of the advice shared with you above here today, you can banish those mistakes and assumptions that are holding you back from more quickly enjoying the benefits of a large and profitable list!

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