Build a Mailing List – 5 HUGE Reasons Why

When working online it is always advisable to build a mailing list that allows you to stay in contact by email with folks who have demonstrated an interest in what you do! Although it is common knowledge that list-building is one of the best ways to increase sales and grow your business, it offers other significant benefits as well!

Let’s enter into a discussion about 5 subtle yet hard to ignore benefits having a list will offer you and thus, why you need to have one!

Viral Assistance

In order to grow your business on the internet you must first increase your exposure so people know you exist! Most of the email messages you send out to your list members will or should be rich in useful content! The better the content is the more likely your email recipients will share it with their friends and other contacts they have on social media! This is viral marketing at its finest and a strategy you’ll definitely want to take advantage of simply because others will be doing most of the work!

Increased Credibility

The more you’re ‘seen’ or ‘talked’ about online, the more your credibility will grow, provide of course your content is good! Having the ability to make contact by email with list members offers you a ‘private’ forum where your subscribers are NOT distracted by the noise of the internet! Through these channels you are able to ‘nurture’ your reputation as one who is both knowledgeable and helpful which goes a long way towards building your credibility! Make no mistake your credibility is one of the most important assets you can build since it makes others more trusting of you!

Thought Leadership

Gaining the attention of others on your blog or social media channels with your opinions and/or insights is a great start to thought leadership! This helps increase your influence over others as well as your marketing effectiveness which is another one of the great ways to increase sales! The viral assistance list members can give you, as mentioned above, will really help you gain the attention you need to become a thought leader within your niche! It is important to understand however it is the content you create or the insights you share that will solidify your reputation so that’s up to YOU! Our discussion here is simply about how to create and leverage these channels of communication so you can more easily share your GREAT content or fascinating opinions and/or insights!

Repeat Sales

The most obvious benefit of having a mailing list is it is, in fact, one of the best ways to increase sales and thus grow your business! Having access to others via email allows you to make frequent contact with them which in turn leads to greater familiarity and (hopefully) trust! Now when you do make product offers, people are more likely to consider making a purchase from you!

Flexible Business Opportunities

Once you have a list of subscribers who perceive you as both credible and trustworthy, this offers you the flexibility for introducing new products to them! Of course your offers must still resonate with your subscribers interest but when they do, the ‘transition’ will be much easier due to the trust and loyalty your subscribers hold for you!

When you build a mailing list the obvious reason you do so is it is one of the best ways to increase sales for any online business! Being able to maintain contact by email with people who have already shown an interest in what you do or offer is a great way to grow your business! It’s all about building relationships and loyalty with others and the 5 benefits list-building offers you as discussed above, will serve to increase both your marketing effectiveness and online influence! Have you hugged your list lately? You should!

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