Twitter Holds Many Opportunities

Been toying around on that popular social networking site twitter today. Man has it gotten some publicity lately. The ‘duel’ between Ashton Kutcher and the news network CNN to see who could reach one million followers the quickest got loads of press. Ashton Kutcher won!

Jeez it even attracted Oprah Winfrey to begin tweeting. Isn’t it funny how these ‘celebrities are attracted to the brightest limelight available? Like moths to a light bulb 🙂

This site offers many opportunities for any online business to not only network with like minded people but also from a marketing perspective. In addition there is tons of tips, tricks, and information in general passed around on just about any subject imaginable.

So far the only drawback I’ve found is it can be a bit habit forming (addictive) and can absolutely knock the wind out of your time management sails!

In any case it appears that twitter can be a formidable asset to any online business and I would encourage you to at least investigate it if you are not already a member! You can sign up for a free account here or if you would like me to follow you go here then click on the green tab to join! Look forward to hearing from you.

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Until next time!

Article Marketing as a Means to Attract Traffic

One way I use to generate traffic is article marketing. Many are put off by this since it involves a little work. Don’t be since it helps keep you more involved in your field. How is this the case you ask? Let’s quickly review some  benefits of article marketing.

  • Article writing involves some research. This research allows me to further my education while also using it as a means to generate traffic.
  • Articles you published will circulate online for an indefinite period of time. A little effort up front for something that will generate traffic again and again works for me.
  • Any website visitors your articles may attract tend to be highly targeted traffic. When possible you always want to opt for quality over quantity when it regards visitors to your site.
  • Being able to share your thoughts and insights with readers allows them to become more familiar with you. This eventually build the readers trust in you while also increasing your credibility with the reader.

So if you haven’t started to use article marketing as a means of traffic generation you may want to consider doing so.  The positive impact it will have on both your business and your own education is well worth it! After publishing a few articles you’ll understand what I mean. If you need a little ‘help’ churning out more articles Click Here!


As I’ve spoke of in the past your own internet business will take time and resolve on your part to be successful! Days like today do not make it any easier. It’s sunny outside and in the mid 70’s. The birds are chirping (they’re calling me outside) and it is a ‘FRIDAY’!

Like anyone I would much rather be enjoying the great outdoors however…………..

I just keep chanting to myself, resolve, resolve, resolve…..

5 Tips to Overcome a Lack of Motivation

Often times just getting started is the hardest part of any project due to a lack of motivation. This frustrating mental barrier is a very real obstacle that confronts each and every one of us from time to time. Developing certain habits to restore and maintain your motivation in order to start and complete any given task is the basis of today’s article.

Here are 5 tips to that will help you get motivated and maintain your drive regardless of what your goals may be.

Plan Your Work

It is important that you organize your efforts in a way that makes sense and proves most effective towards reaching your goals. Set up a schedule of when you intend to work on a particular project and how much time you intend to devote to it. Be realistic with your goals, the amount of time you’ll need and when that time will be available to you.

If the project is important enough you’ll want to consider scheduling the best time of day when you are at your best and most productive. For some people it is easier to get motivated in the early stages of the day when their energy level is at its highest.

Work Your Plan

Now with your plan in hand it is time to take immediate action. Your planning stages were the time to thoroughly think through the most efficient and effective process that will get you the results. Here is where you put that plan into motion and without hesitation. Simply following the plan you’ve developed will bring you closer to your desired results while increasing your sense of accomplishment.

Pay close attention to not second guessing yourself or reworking your plan. This will only burn more time and decrease both your self confidence and your motivation. This is a dangerous scenario that could end up completely sabotaging your drive.

The busier you stay the more progress you’ll make and the more your self confidence will grow. Along with this will be a renewal of your own motivation to continue to move forward! This is the type of cycle you want to be in!

Set Short Term Goals

One of the best ways to motivate yourself and maintain your drive to complete your project is to set short term goals. These are a great way of measuring your progress and helping you to recognize that you are moving closer to the completion of your project.

Achieving your short term goals and taking the time to identify that you have done so increases your own self satisfaction. This helps make your efforts seem less like work and the last time I checked there wasn’t anything wrong with that!

Avoid Routine

If the efforts you are putting forth involve any sort of repetition change things around to keep yourself more stimulated. Perhaps perform certain tasks at different intervals. Maybe even alternate these tasks to keep things more interesting. What you want to do is to minimize your boredom and increase your interest. This will lead to you becoming more fully engaged therefore making your efforts all the more productive!

Schedule ‘Down Time’

As with most things it is easier to give it your best when you’re fully rested. Be sure you include ‘down time’ in your scheduling to recharge and re energize. It will be easier to motivate yourself and keep your focus once you get back to your scheduled tasks.

Overcoming a lack of motivation, in most cases, is essentially overcoming procrastination. By simply getting involved in any given project you will begin to see progress which in turn will further motivate you. It is the underlying dread that perhaps our efforts won’t bring the results we seek that weaken our motivation and make the first step usually the most difficult! As Nike used to say ‘Just Do It’!

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7 Steps to a Successful Affiliate Business

Don’t allow the success of your affiliate business to be foiled by seemingly harmless habits or oversights. Getting involved in an online business may at times seem overwhelming to you. Other times it may appear little or no effort is needed due to the ‘automation’ of the internet. Remember to keep your eyes open and realize this is a business based upon LOGIC that just happens to use the internet.


The internet is a dynamic environment that requires the need for continual learning.
Know this, accept this, and embrace this as an ongoing part of your involvement in the internet marketing world.

This ongoing education can be conducted thru research, forums, ebooks, conferences, etc. Plug into these channels and use this education to advance yourself and your business. Here’s an Excellent place to start!

An important note here however is that you DON’T want to get so caught up in your learning that your internet marketing efforts come to a standstill. Make time for both but never stop managing or implementing your active online marketing tasks for extended periods.

Beware of this trap which could easily lead to analysis paralysis!


You will of course want to build your own website on which your visitors will land first. From this point you’ll send them to the affiliate site where they will hopefully read the compelling sales copy and make the purchase.

With this said do not forget that you will also have to make people aware of your site. This stage is integral to your success online so you’ll need to determine what traffic generation methods you’ll want to use.

The best suggestion here is to choose 3 or 4 methods you’re comfortable with but always try new methods if they look promising to you. By using multiple methods simultaneously you’re ensuring a broader spectrum of potential visitors will be targeted.


The website you build will serve two purposes only so focus on them. The first purpose will be to ‘introduce’ the visitor to the benefits of the product you’re marketing. Now here is where you want to use more tact and less salesmanship. What we’re doing here is enticing your visitor with some ‘what if’, ‘how about’, or maybe ‘just image’ to engage their curiosity and get them in a buying mood. Do not HARD sell on this site!

Remember that the main affiliate product site will do the ‘hard ‘selling for you so don’t push or pitch the product on your site.

Now let’s discuss the 2nd purpose of your site.

COLLECT NAMES – You’ll Be Glad You Did

Have a location on your site to capture the contact information of your visitors. List building is right up there with traffic generation regarding the most important components of your business.

Since these visitors have already shown an interest in your product it stands to reason that they may have an interest in a similar product you may offer in the future. Contacting former visitors is far easier than finding new ones. Eventually your list building efforts will significantly expand your affiliate marketing business at an accelerated pace.


Once your up and rolling with traffic flowing and commissions being paid avoid the temptation to let up and relax. Capture this momentum and take advantage of it to build your online business at an accelerated pace. Build on what is now working and review, fix or discard what is not.

When in doubt seek out answers to your questions. With so many channels available to gain the needed information, it doesn’t make sense to allow your business to slow or suffer due to a lingering unanswered question.


In the affiliate marketing business products always change but your name won’t. Don’t risk your reputation by associating with questionable products, tactics, or people.


The success of your affiliate business will ultimately be determined by your reluctance to give in. If certain situations are lost causes learn from them and move on, but don’t throw in the towel just because more effort or learning may be needed to succeed in that particular instance. Remember defeat comes only AFTER you quit! Find out how to succeed here!