5 Non-Financial Components of Small Business Success

Although the internet offers many opportunities for small business success this is not a guarantee that you or anyone else will be successful! Now many may think or assume that it takes money to make money however this is NOT the case when using the internet as your business platform! The fact is that if you want to succeed as an internet entrepreneur your first step should involve some smart goal setting which is to say your goals must be realistic and attainable! Possessing unrealistic expectations will only set you up for failure since frustration will likely set in leaving you disillusioned and driving you to quit! Other obvious attributes you’ll need to embrace is being willing to work as well as being willing to learn and if you lack this willingness you will likely fall flat on your face!

Let’s now look at 5 non-financial components that will have a direct impact on how successful your efforts will be developing a money making business online!


Most all businesses both large and small starts with a product or service that targets a particular purpose or need! What’s yours? Somewhere along the line you were encouraged, interested and/or inspired by an idea or concept that triggered your interest in being a small business owner! Wanting or willing to learn more about this idea was your first step towards developing something from which you can make a profit! A single idea or vision is all it takes, and what is needed, to give you direction…


Your vision has now established the direction you intend to take but how you go about it must be determined through planning! Having a solid plan is necessary and is considered your road-map towards achieving your business goals and this can be done through smart goal setting! What this means is establishing objectives that are realistic and achievable by you while being relevant to your business!

Time Management

Most entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic and willing to work however how they invest their time is crucial to how successful they become! Above we spoke about planning and this is something we will or at least should be doing for our businesses each and every day! The plans that we make should address our business needs in the order of their priorities while also including HOW we will address these needs! Being willing to learn strategies and tactics that will help us work in a more time efficient manner is another vital key to being successful for almost all small businesses and yours is NO different!


Managing a small business can place a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders and how you handle them will also determine your level of success! Although you may be willing to work, to do what it takes to get the job done, unless you have a clear idea of what to do and how to do it efficiently, you will NOT find yourself being too productive! The problem here is if you are NOT consistently productive, your business will not flourish and most likely will die a slow death!


Motivated for Small Business SuccessWe all want to be successful at everything we do and this is understandable but unless you’re motivated, success will elude you! We spoke above about being willing to work and learn new things but if you lack the motivation to do either, your dreams will crash and burn! The ability to stay motivated is essential towards achieving any level of success for your small business so consider your motivation as the nourishment that keeps your business growing!

Although achieving small business success online may not require any type of financial investment you will be required to invest of yourself! Our discussion above focuses on attributes you’ll need to simply get yourself started in the right direction as a business entrepreneur online beginning with smart goal setting! Any type of business must have realistic and attainable objectives for it to succeed along with a guiding hand, such as YOURS, that is both willing to work as well as willing to learn! Having these attributes along with a realistic plan will make the implementation of the 5 non-financial components discussed above MUCH easier and far more effective! So forget about blaming a lack of money as your reason for not having the opportunity to have your own profitable business since the blame can be placed squarely on you for not being willing to try!

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