Marketing on the Internet – Learning to Manage Frustration

When marketing on the internet there is one guarantee you can count on and that is there will be times, perhaps even days and weeks you will want to pull your hair out. When you chose to become an entrepreneur online you also probably figured success would come overnight and without the trials and tribulations. It is important to realize and remember however you are building a business which takes time and is a process. There will be mistakes made which is a normal and expected part of the process. It is how you react to them that will determine how successful online you become. You must learn to work through the difficult times so that you will be able to enjoy your future successes.

Here are 3 highly effective ways to deal with the frustrating times you will encounter when building a business.

Look Elsewhere

When you are feeling frustrated sometimes it is simply wise to defused the situation by focusing your attention elsewhere. If what have you encountered appears to be something you can not quickly resolve and your are feeling increasingly stressed then step away! Situations like these can be toxic if you allow your anxieties to mount. It is recommended therefore to divert your attentions elsewhere so you can continue building a business in a productive manner.

Remember Your ‘Whys’

Another effective tactic to use for ‘sidestepping’ lingering feelings of frustration and to stay productive is to recall why you wanted to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Remember what it is you are working for and the benefits you will enjoy when you finally do become successful online with your business. This should help brighten your mood and renew your vigor and motivation allowing you to blast through any obstacles that have presented themselves.

Know Thyself

Become familiar with the ‘symptoms’ you feel when discouragement begins to set in since this also signals the start of stress and anxiety. You want to learn to quickly diffuse these feelings before they become too disruptive in your efforts or more importantly, to your health! Seek out something that brings you joy, makes you relax or allows you to be productive in some way.

Marketing on the internet teaches you not only about what is involved in building a business but also quite a bit about yourself. Part of what you accept when you become an entrepreneur are the frustrating times you will inevitably encounter. This is a normal part of the building process and one that is necessary in order for you or your business to grow. How well you learn to manage these ‘trying’ times and work through the frustration will ultimately determine how successful online you become. The 3 suggestions for dealing with your frustrations offered above should help you keep your focus when you are feeling challenged, disillusioned or discouraged. By always keeping your ‘eyes on the prize’ you will maintain the motivation and encouragement needed to keep you moving forward. It is all about progress, no matter how big or small, and this is what will help make you successful online!

Can You Build a List Faster Using Video?

More people are trying to build a list for their online business with the use of a video presentation on their squeeze page. In fact online video marketing can be seen everywhere and is growing in popularity but is it effective for building an opt in list when marketing online? This person feels that although this particular medium can be engaging when used correctly it is not effective when used on a squeeze page.

Here are 3 obstacles that can actually be created by the use of any video presentation when attempting to build an opt in list for your business.


The first rule of any squeeze page is to minimize any and all distractions visitors may encounter and is why most of these pages are brief in content and use little or no graphics. By placing a video presentation on the page you are going counter to conventional wisdom and introducing distractions that may slow your list building efforts!

Invites Visitor Bias

You can literally open Pandora’s box by inviting bias and prejudices since visitors are now being exposed to imagery which they may or may not like. The point of a squeeze page is to simply get people to leave their contact information and nothing more therefore you do not want to dissuade them in any way! By introducing imagery you are also giving people more to consider in terms of their decision as to whether they will opt in or not!


People online tend to move fast since they have so many available viewing options! By placing any video presentation on a page it will dramatically slow down how long it takes for the page to load. Think about it, how often have you found yourself leaving a site before it fully loaded simply because you did not feel like waiting? With that being said how can you expect to rapidly build an opt in list when many visitors leave before they even view your offer!?

In your efforts to build a list the last thing you want to do is introduce any reasons or doubt to visitors that may keep them from leaving their contact information. Although online video marketing is growing in popularity and effectiveness the use of this medium on your squeeze page is probably counter productive! The 3 obstacles discussed above can all be easily created by exposing visitors to any type of visual stimulation as they decide whether to opt in or not. In the end it would seem wise to steer clear of the use of any video presentation in your list building efforts since it offers the potential to do more harm than good! Just a thought, what do you think?

The Benefits of Haste When Working Online

When working online there are many distractions simply because you have placed your business right smack dab in the middle of the information super highway! Although in one respect this is good since ‘information is king’ it can also slow you down! Successful entrepreneurs are notorious for making business decisions quickly and have learned to filter out the noise. Top entrepreneurs in their field know the importance and benefits of taking action quickly and how hesitation could be the difference between success and failure.

Here are the 3 biggest reasons why many successful entrepreneurs feel that working in haste gives them their biggest advantages and offers the greatest benefits.

Catch the Wave

Not all opportunities have a long shelf life therefore immediate action is require in order to capitalize. Also as we all know opportunity waits for no one and that includes all of us! Many top entrepreneurs realize their biggest advantage is taking action quickly to see if any future efforts are warranted. Of course possessing the self confidence to make such bold moves is an important intangible shared by these individuals!

Baptism By Fire

Another distinct advantage to making business decisions quickly is that it allows you to get involved in the ‘action’ and gain a better understanding of what to expect. In this way you are than able to put together a more effective strategy instead basing one upon theories or projections with no first hand knowledge! Sometimes you have to ask yourself how can you plan for something when you really do not know what to expect?

Is Further Planning Even Necessary

Yet another benefit in taking action quickly on a business opportunity is the efficiency of time you can experience. Not all opportunities pan out, and if what you are ‘investigating’ does not show promise, little time or other valuable resources of yours have been invested in the planning stages! You see the actions you are taking are not really reckless provided you do not risk much except the little time it takes to check it out! If it pans out then this will give you the added confidence to get ‘serious’ and invest more time and resources to make the most of the opportunity!

To make the most out of your efforts when working online employing a sense of urgency or even haste when making business decisions is not a bad idea. Online opportunities are plentiful but do require your taking action since they wait on no one! Besides many may not have long ‘shelf’ lives so to capitalize you need to move fast. Although this may sound reckless, many top entrepreneurs follow this strategy with much obvious success. The 3 main reasons fast action works best for any entrepreneur are reviewed above and shows that their ‘fast actions’ further motivated by their ample confidence are well calculated. In this way opportunities can still be quickly pursued but in a way that may save time and effort while also minimizing risks! Achieving success on the internet is NOT for the timid or the slow of foot!

Building a Business – The Little Things Count

When building a business on the internet many people are either impatient with or overlook the ‘little things’ necessary for success online. The top entrepreneurs all know that patience and attention to detail are important for business success and that progress does not always necessarily mean profits. When you build your business you should strive to create something new everyday no matter how big or small it may be! It is important to understand that the measure of how successful your efforts are to become tomorrow, can be found in the foundation you build today!

Here are 10 examples how to actually make progress everyday by creating something new that will help build your business and position you for success online.


An idea no matter how large or small is capable of making a significant impact on your business. Whether it may be a product, strategy, or even a solution to a minor issue any idea you can use to build your business is a good idea!


The right article circulated online has the capability of not only generating traffic for you but building credibility for you as well! In fact, if what you created is of good enough quality it can continue to work for you for an indefinite period of time.


Creating a marketable product or services is at the center of any profitable online enterprise and most times is the result of identifying a need in the marketplace. Top entrepreneurs have a knack for this and are able move quickly to capitalize on niche opportunities.


Creating positive relationships with customers is great for public relations and also word of mouth advertising. It is also wise to develop working relationships with competitors as well since the potential for a joint venture could help you further build your business.


Building a new website to host a new idea or product of yours is a great way to expand your online efforts. Even making changes to an existing website could help to boost sales and is something you should always consider doing.

Blog Post

Blogs are a great way to help generate traffic and also showcase any new product offerings you may have. With each new post comes more exposure, traffic and profit potential so try to maintain a consistent schedule for updating your blogging platform.

Viral Report

Publishing a free report to the internet with links back to your primary site of commerce is one of the best ways to leverage the power of viral marketing. If what you compose is of good enough quality it can bring you tons of traffic and help increase your sales.


This could be something as simple as a new technique or approach introduced into your daily routine that increases your work efficiency. On a higher level perhaps you may discover a more effective way to promote what it is you represent. In either case you are making strides in the right direction and this is progress no matter how you look at it!


Perhaps it was an article you wrote or an update to your blog but if it created inspiration for somebody you have done your job. Of course realizing you have inspired somebody else is also a source of inspiration for you as well.


By creating a positive impression with an article, report, product or even customer service you will help enhance your reputation leading to further success online. Making a positive impression on a list member or blog subscriber is always a good start. Always remember everybody you come into contact with holds the potential to be a future customer.

Building a business on the internet is not something you can do overnight and involves taking one step at a time. The top entrepreneurs in their field know that for business success online to be achieved both diligence and patience is required. By adopting the approach suggested above and striving to ‘create’ something new everyday, no matter how modest it may be, you can methodically build your business one day at a time. The key is to always continue moving forward and making progress since this is how you will reach the end results you desire!

Building Blog Traffic Takes Time and Patience

Building blog traffic and reader loyalty takes a good amount of time and can be done with consistent effort and most importantly, your patience. None of the popular blogging sites found online today were overnight successes as any of their site administrators will tell you. There were consistent and deliberate measures they had to take which involved having the perseverance to stay committed to what they were doing.

Here is a look at what it takes to build blogging sites that have large and loyal followings and even though it is not complicated it still requires your patience!

Post Need to Be Relevant

Updates need to maintain some type of relevance pertaining to the theme of the site. People are attracted to blogging sites due to the topic or niche the site is based upon. By altering the direction of the content away from the original theme you run the risk of confusing visitors or even driving them away!

Updates Need to be Consistent

Some type of consistency needs to be reflected in your posting schedule so people will know what to expect and when. Whether you update daily, weekly, monthly or whenever, establish a consistent schedule so readers can plan their visits accordingly. Once you have established your posting schedule you must maintain the perseverance to stick with it to since your ‘long term’ consistencies will be the key to your success.

Make RSS Feed Available

To make it easier for visitors to ‘bookmark’ your site you definitely want to make an rss feed readily available to them. This is the only way you can build subscriber loyalty. Locate the tab in a very prominent position so people do not have to go searching for it because you do not want to discourage them from subscribing!

Allow Comments

This makes your site not only comfortable but popular as well and this is what it takes to attract and compel people to return! If you are not comfortable with comments being left on your blog than start a website instead. Visitors expect a sense of ‘community’ when they land on any blogging sites but if comments are not allowed this ‘dampens’ the mood and their expectations.

Supply Useful Content

The contents found on your blog is the very foundation upon which site is built. People are interested in the topic or niche you write about and it is up to you to supply them with information they find interesting or useful. These efforts must be consistent on your part and obviously will require your patience since developing a blog takes time. If you have chosen a theme with which you have a personal interest, supplying useful information will not be a challenge to you

Building blog traffic and reader loyalty requires a mixture of both effort and your patience being results are not apparent overnight! As the administrators of most if not all of the most popular blogging sites will tell you their success was and is a result of the perseverance they bring to their efforts. The lesson here is that if you are ‘committed’ to what you blog about, having the perseverance and patience will get you to where you want to go!