5 Article Writing Tips for Promoting Your Online Business

Article writing tips are always welcome by those who know what it’s like to invest the time and labor into writing articles to promote their online business. Although this type of traffic generation is highly effective a certain resolve is required to make it work. Most anybody with article marketing experience would have a special appreciation for any type of writing tips that would make their efforts easier and more effective.

If your intent is to use article marketing to promote an online business adhering to the 5 following strategies will help you get the best results for your efforts.

Adopt a Long Term Mindset

Article marketing is a very effective way to generate targeted traffic online however this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Articles first need to be published and then circulated and once this occurs the ‘magic’ starts to happen. So don’t expect ‘instant gratification’ from your efforts when you initially start out.

This is a long term but highly effective strategy so patience and resolve will be required on your part.

Develop Your Own Content

The content that you base your article writing on should be uniquely your own. Attempting to pass the work of others off as your own will only get you penalized by the search engines. It simply is not worth the effort to plagiarize so don’t waste your time trying.

You want to be sure your content is your own and contains information or insight that will benefit the reader. In fact it would benefit you to learn a bit more about content development if you intend to distribute articles online.

Write Short Articles

As the heading says you want to write short articles that are easy for readers to complete. There will be times when your subject will require a longer length article to adequately cover the points you want to make. The ideal article length you will want to target when possible is generally between 300 and 500 words.

Personalize Your Work

No matter what subject you may be covering take the opportunity to lend your own personal perspective to the material when possible. By doing this you give your article a flavor of your own personality which readers will enjoy.

Realize that when you do any type of article writing you are basically having a one on one conversation with the reader. Write as you would speak and take advantage of the delivery that is uniquely your own since this will set you apart from the others.

Do Your Research

As we mentioned above you’ll want your article to contain useful information for the reader. This is where Article research comes in since you want to be well informed on any given subject before you write about it. As you conduct your article research you are increasing your own knowledge pool and then passing this along to the readers. In addition you will invariably be collecting enough information upon which to base several articles.

Article writing tips are coveted jewels by anybody who knows or appreciate the time and labor that is invested when writing articles. For the effort involved most writers obviously want maximum results so it’s important for them to know what they need to deliver. The writing tips we’ve outlined above, if followed, will likely result in higher quality articles that yield the results you seek.

How to Maintain the Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking can be considered the key to success for just about anything you may be trying to accomplish. More and more people are becoming aware that attitude is everything if you expect to become successful. With a positive attitude you not only increase your own determination but you also decrease your stress levels.

So whether it is personal or professional success that you seek you can see how important a positive attitude can be.

Let’s have a look at 5 different ways you can reinforce a positive mindset when you are striving to accomplish any of your goals.

Remind Yourself of Your ‘Why’

When you are pursuing any objectives that presents occasional ‘challenges or barriers’ you will likely be in need of either constant or periodic encouragement. A great source of this type of inspiration is simply reminding yourself of the benefits you will enjoy once your objectives have been met. By answering your own question as to ‘why am I doing this’ you will find the necessary positive reinforcement to motivate you onward. Do not loose sight of your goals nor the reason as to why you want to reach them.

Record Progress

Progress made indicates you are moving in the desired direction therefore this is again positive reinforcement that your previous efforts have not been in vain. By recording your own progress you can ‘visually’ observe the gains you are making. The closer you get to your ultimate objectives the more positive you will be feeling and the stronger your motivation will be.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

As you are ‘out and about’ take the opportunity when it is presented to you to assist others by performing simple tasks or gestures. Random acts of kindness like this will make you feel better about yourself and hopefully will encourage others to do the same. This feeling of well-being will give you additional positive energy and in general more optimism about everything.

Take a Break

An occasional break involving something you enjoy keeps you from ‘burning out’ or allowing negative feelings to develop. As the saying goes ‘all work and no play …..’

Give Thanks for What is Good

Focusing on the good in your life sends surges of positive energy through you and also distracts you from dwelling on any negative that can ‘drain’ you. This is something none of us seem to do enough of even though it is an easily available resource that can boost our mood and performance.

The key to success in your personal or professional life lies in the power of positive thinking. Maintaining a mindset like this keeps you more focused and stress free thereby allowing you to better apply yourself to any task. Whether it is personal or professional success you seek a positive attitude will help you maintain the level of confidence that you will need to become successful. When in pursuit of any goals it is important to realize that your attitude is everything insofar as keeping yourself motivated. By using the 5 techniques we discussed above you will be able maintain the proper mindset that will enable you to reach your desired objectives.

Why Success is Your Personal Responsibility

Success is your personal responsibility and not an entitlement! You can not assume nor expect that others will ‘do for you’ in the quest for your own personal desires; that only happens for children and not grown adults! Many who have aspirations of achieving success in various aspects of their lives often times fall short. All too frequently the cause for this can be traced back to a lack of personal accountability for their own efforts. There is no doubt that having goals and objectives is an important step towards improving yourself or your situation. However setting goals while also taking responsibility for your own efforts to achieve them is how to become successful.

When you take personal accountability of your own actions while planning or pursuing anything worthwhile you have taken the first step towards eventually reaching your goals. Just to want something however is not good enough; this desire MUST be reinforced by some type of proactive behavior on your part.

Let’s look at 5 ways taking personal accountability influences and determines the level of success you will achieve


You and only you know what it is that you want and how it will affect your life. The vision needed to put together a realistic plan can only come from within the person who has the desire to make this vision a reality.

This is not something you can ‘outsource’ to another since these visions are rooted in your own dreams.

Goals and Objectives

Once you have established your vision you will next need to put together the ‘steps’ you will have to take to make this a real part of your life. Your goals and objectives are the actual steps you will need to take to make your vision your reality.

Once again only you are familiar with the ‘full context’ of what your vision really is and what it means to you so only you can establish the ‘unique’ goals needed to achieve this dream. After all your vision is just that, a dream, until you succeed in making it your reality.

It is also important that you keep these goals realistic. They must be something you have the necessary skills and resources to accomplish otherwise you will be wasting your time.


You now must put together a ‘workable’ plan that will be effective in helping you reach your goals. As with every other step that has come before only you know what it is you are capable of regarding your skills, patience, resolve and resources.


As we spoke of earlier it is not reasonable or realistic to depend upon the efforts of others for you to accomplish your own goals. The plans you have laid out now require your personal involvement. Nobody can breath, walk or talk for you so why would you expect different in the pursuit of YOUR OWN goals? The actions needed to accomplish these goals must be by you and it is up to you to be sure these actions are carried out correctly.

Charting Progress

If some system is not developed or implemented for charting your progress there is no way of determining how far you have gone and how far you have to go. A sense of measurement is necessary to also keep you motivated by reminding you of the progress you have already made.

By taking personal responsibility of your own actions in the pursuit of goals and objectives you have set increases your chances of reaching your goals. Achieving success in any situation is dependent upon the active role you play in both the planning process and by taking the necessary actions. To become successful in any aspect of your life you MUST become actively involved in the 5 step process as we reviewed above. To believe your personal achievements can be realized through the efforts of others is foolhardy and will only set you up for repeated failure and disappointment.

Copy Writing Skills You Need to Know

Most online entrepreneurs are aware that online sales success is ultimately reliant upon good copy writing skills. When you first start marketing on the internet the initial emphasis is on traffic generation but nothing gets sold until you learn to write effective sales copy.

This particular writing skill is not difficult to learn as long as you adhere to certain guidelines within the content of your copy.

Let’s review a simple 5 step procedure on how to write good sales copy when marketing anything online.

Good Product Knowledge

You can not expect to promote anything to anybody without a thorough knowledge of it yourself. To do so would not only make your promotional efforts more difficult but this would also be unethical. Most all copy writing is done from a standpoint of first hand experience. It is from this experience that you draw both your knowledge of and commitment to the product itself.

Know Customer Profile

The next thing you need and must know is who your customer is. Who is it that is best suited for the product or service you are writing about? Are they male or female young or old? What is their income bracket or is that even important. Is your audience educated or is that not even a factor. Most importantly is why the product you are writing about would even be of interest to them.

Having this information will enable you to ‘speak directly’ to your audience when addressing them. They will be much more receptive if they can personally identify with what it is you are saying.

Know your customer their wants, needs, and reasons and then speak TO them NOT at them.

Speak Benefits Not Features

When referring to the product you will want to stress what the benefits will be to the reader if they make a purchase. What is in it for them or how do they improve their lives by acquiring this product. In so many words why would they even want the product in the first place?

Gain Reader Trust

With all the hype and hoopla people are exposed to on a daily basis it is no wonder that they are in general very skeptical. As a copywriter you have to be able to gain the trust of your readers and all without any personal contact with them. This can be very difficult so what you need to do is offer your customers a ‘comfort’ zone of sorts. This can be done by using product testimonials that are ‘authenticated’ with names, addresses and maybe even pictures.

Another more straight forward approach is to offer a ‘trial-period’ or ‘money-back’ guarantee.

Emphasize Urgency

Remind the reader that the sooner they act the quicker their need will be filled or problem will be solved. Be aware if they don’t act at this point in time they likely may never even be on your site again.

Another way to create a sense of urgency is to throw in a ‘bonus’ for their quick response or perhaps inform them of your ‘limited’ supply. Either way you are ‘prompting’ your customer to make a decision, NOW!

Online entrepreneurs are aware that good copy writing is what gets products sold online. Traffic generation is important for anyone when they first start marketing on the internet but the need to learn to write effective sales copy is crucial. If this writing skill is not developed it will be very hard to close the sale on any visitors to your site. The 5 step procedure we reviewed above is a fundamental guide on how to write good copy that will allow you to increase your sales conversions and boost your online profits.

How to Make Your Online Affiliate Business a Success

The online affiliate business model is widely popular due to the low startup costs involved and the ability to narrow your focus to product promotion. In fact this particular model is widely regarded as the best business to start when marketing on the internet since it allows you to earn and learn.

With all that said however even the online affiliate marketing business plan will require planning, effort and patience on your part to be successful.

Here are 3 simple components that you will need to supply to your brand new business to maximize its tremendous profit potential.

Solid Plan

There are numerous suggestions and recommendations floating about on how best to operate an online affiliate marketing business. It matters not which one you choose or even if you elect to combine different strategies into a singular plan. The most important thing here is that you have a sound strategy put together and one that you are most comfortable with. It is recommended to fit the strategies to your particular strengths.

Once you have settle on your plan of action for marketing affiliate products your next step is to choose the product itself. At this point you are now ready to take action.

Good Execution

Your planning phase is very important and for good reason. You have determined what plan of action will work best for your particular business. Now with your plan established it is up to you to be sure that it is implemented exactly how you have planned it to be.

Avoid temptations to alter this plan or take short cuts unless you have carefully evaluated the expected outcome of such actions. Consistency is now the key in order for your plan to work. Do not expect to apply your efforts only on occasion and to get the results you are anticipating. Remember when marketing on the internet that it is a business and needs to be run like one. You will only get out of your business what you put into it.

Test and Tweak

It would be foolhardy for you to think that any sales copy, headlines or promotional ads you put together will be perfect the very first time. It is important that you have some type of system set up so you can compare the results of your efforts. Over time you can make slight adjustments then allow a little bit of time to evaluate the results. You should constantly be looking for ways to improve the performance of your business. By testing and tweaking you will be able to ‘inch’ your way towards constant improvement.

The idea is to determine where improvements can be made and to make ‘modest’ adjustments to in an effort to get better results. Avoid taking dramatic measures when adjusting any part of your business since these changes may not always be for the better. By minimizing your adjustments you are also minimizing any negative impact the changes may have if they are not correct.

The profit potential of an online affiliate business is tremendous but will remain stagnant unless you add the proper components. An affiliate business is generally considered the best business to start when marketing on the internet due mainly to the extremely low startup costs. As we discussed above an online affiliate marketing business can be very rewarding financially. However the full potential of what this type business has to offer can only be realized when you combine it with your personal efforts and perseverance.